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"John Harricharan inspires you, motivates you and teaches you. He's fantastic, absolutely fantastic. Listen to what he says."
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D., bestselling author and lecturer

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Poems by John Harricharan


 Ageless and Timeless
--John Harricharan

I have trod this path before me
Ever since this world began.
I have seen the self-same places
Through the mighty, ageless span.

When the earth was just a-borning,
When the sky above was made,
I was walking 'neath the palm trees
In Thine everlasting shade.

I have seen the wondrous morning
Of Creation's glorious day,
When I walked with my Creator
And I heard what He did say.

I can still remember strangely
When the human race was born.
I can still recall the glory
Of that first and timeless morn.

Now I walk, again, this path here
And I seek the still small voice.
And I hear again the music
As worlds within rejoice.

Lovely Venus beckons onward,
Mars and myriad others call,
Like they did when first I saw them.
Now, I surely do recall.

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