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Morning Has Been All Night Coming

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When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat

Morning Has Been All Night Coming

The Lesson of Professor Petersen

John Harricharan's Insight2000

Morning Has Been All Night Coming
(The sequel to When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat)

When the road seems long and dark ... A message of strength and renewal for us all

The light of hope vanished in John when his wife died, leaving him with two children to raise and the rest of his life to rethink. Surrounded by a haze of emptiness and futility, he could only dimly recall the joys of his former existence - and the strange, miraculous encounters he had once had with a wise 'businessman' named Gideon.

Then the light reappeared as Gideon returned, introducing John to magical new worlds of inner peace, understanding and love. Slowly, and almost despite himself, John felt his grief turning to hope, his despair to triumph and his worries to a playful curiosity about what lay ahead.

In this intimate story of loss, devastation and rebirth, John Harricharan mystically blends personal experience with parable, to reawaken the infinite beauty and compassion which exists within us all.

For John, and for all of us, it is a discovery well worth making.

"A most sensitive and compassionate book about our inner journey home."
Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D. & Diane Cirincione-Co-Authors, Love is the Answer

"John Harricharan's Morning Has Been All Night Coming blends principles of living with an open heart and good humor evocative of an evolved soul."
Dan Millman - author, Way of the Peaceful Warrior

"John Harricharan brilliantly leads us along the enchanted path of enlightenment with magic, charm, love and compassion. I highly recommend this book to everyone."
Deepak Chopra, M.D. - author, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

"Morning Has Been All Night Coming brought back so many memories of my own experiences that sometimes I felt like crying and other times, I felt like laughing. This book is filled with many gems of wisdom. Thank you, John, for sharing it with us--those of us who are ready to hear and to see and to live."
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross - author, To Live Until We Say Goodbye

"A glorious rediscovery of life's greatest joys. Harricharan continues in the tradition of a master teacher. His books will change the lives of many."
Brad Steiger - author of over 150 books

"The bright promise of John Harricharan's award-winning When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat is now fulfilled by his magnificent sequel, Morning Has Been All Night Coming. The freshness of Harricharan's style places him with Richard Bach and Og Mandino as one of America's leading inspirational authors. If you read only one book this year, let it be Morning Has Been All Night Coming."
Foster Hibbard - President, Motivation Dynamics, Inc., and associate of the late Dr. Napoleon Hill of "Think and Grow Rich"

"Morning Has Been All Night Coming is a rare gift. Within its pages are loving truths told with simplicity, compassion and understanding. As the story leads us from tragedy into transcendence, we are shown a way to sustain hope in the midst of despair, and joy in the depths of sadness."
Carol Kramer - Managing editor, Body, Mind and Spirit magazine

"A fascinating story and an interesting way of presenting truths."
Swami Kriyananda - Personal Disciple of Yogananda

"If life has temporarily become more of a burden than a joy, I recommend Morning Has Been All Night Coming. It will help you to remember and to, once again, turn your face toward the light."
Arizona Light - Arizona

"Morning Has Been All Night Coming is a magnificent achievement of delightful reading, joining other masterpieces like Richard Bach's Illusions and Dan Millman's Way of the Peaceful Warrior. You'll want to read it as soon as possible."
Visions Magazine - Florida

"Harricharan's artistry as a writer is evident, as he shapes and molds words to create images that move up from the pages into our minds to become part of us. Don't miss this opportunity to learn and grow."
Thought Trends - Georgia

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