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Articles on these pages are inspirational and motivational by nature. However, they go far beyond just bringing inspiration and motivation to our lives. They provide us with practical tips to be used in everyday life and living.

The Value of Intuitive Insights
A John Harricharan Article


It was not too long ago that all we knew of successful business persons was that they worked hard, were very bright and efficient. Hardly did anyone use the words "intuition" and "business" in the same conversation. Gut feelings and marketing seemed to be worlds apart with the divine injunction that "never the twain shall meet." Yet, most recent studies are showing that perhaps we've been missing something.

Some of the most successful persons of all times have relied extensively on the intuitive nature of their being. Conrad Hilton, the founder of the Hilton chain of hotels claimed that he used his intuition to decide where and when to buy or build a hotel. Thomas Alva Edison, one of the greatest inventors of all times, would listen to his inner voice and produce more and better inventions.

Today, there is an explosion of interest in the "mystical" area where everyone seems to be looking for ways and means to sharpen his or her intuition. Even with our economy booming, many are seeking to gain more control over their financial future. And yet, within all of us is the ability to stand aside from the mundane, everyday grind and to look at things in a different light.

It is important to realize that your job or business is a true reflection of your internal condition--- an indication of where your mind is. To change things in your workplace, you must first start by changing things within yourself. Simple as this may appear, however, it is still a very difficult thing to do.

It is not easy to break away from the hypnotic trance of everyday things and to make yourself stand aside for a short while. But if you were to practice this art of standing aside and "standing still" for a short time each day, you would find new insights into the way the world works. This will then make it easy for you to adjust and influence the outcome of business situations.

Many years ago, I knew a young, insurance salesman. He worked hard but was always enthusiastic. Few things seemed to depress him, yet, I was sure that he had his share of rejections in his business. One day, I asked him what kept him going when things seemed bleak. He looked at me and with a twinkling in his eyes replied, "John, I use my failures as learning experiences. I have a vision-- a goal, if you will. I will one day be a wealthy man. There is a spirit within me that shows me the way to my goal. To hear its voice, all I have to do is spend some time with myself. In quietness I find my strength and my answers."

Today, that insurance man is a multi-millionaire and the owner of several extremely successful businesses. He credits his success to the art of listening to his inner voice.

This inner voice is within all of us and it whispers ever so gently. When we are surrounded by the noise of everyday problems, we tend not to hear the voice.

Within us are all the answers to our problems. The questions are what we have not yet figured. Business success increases dramatically when we still the inner nature of our being. It is then that we hear more clearly the directions being given us. Our intuition becomes sharpened and our feeling nature, if we trust it, would lead us in the paths of peace and gain.

Intuition is a "gift of the gods," so to say. We all were born with it. It is a means of receiving information and guidance through other than the physical senses. Logic and the intellect should work hand in hand and not against each other. To develop and use this faculty successfully, one should practice and trust the inner feelings. "Intuition in business," is the wave of the future. Many businesses, both large and small, have started using intuitive consultants to assist them in achieving success.

Combine your intuitive nature with your logical thinking. Like everything else, it will take practice. Keep practicing and trust yourself and soon you will notice a whole new world of success opening up to you.


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