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How to Select and Use Intuitive Consultants
A John Harricharan Article

Since ancient times, humanity has been faced with frustration about confusing and often contradictory situations. At the same time, it has also endured curiosity mixed with anxiety about the problems and challenges in the unforeseen future. It's no different today. At the dawn of the twenty-first century, science and communications have shrunk the world into what may literally be called "the global village." Impressive as it is, on a daily basis, people continue to struggle with problems much closer to home. Matters of personal concern including relationships, finances and health are the order of the day.

At times, all our analysis and logic fail to provide answers to the ongoing perplexities of life. Churches, the traditional providers of spiritual strength and hope, no longer seem to wield the influence they once did. In apparent desperation, many people are turning to alternate sources of guidance and help, and in doing so, often find themselves in even worse situations than before.

One source of help, which has taken on a high degree of visibility in recent years, is the area known as intuitive consulting. Almost every newspaper in the nation carries ads for psychic readers. Hardly anyone who has watched television can avoid the blaring ads about psychic networks willing, for a hefty per minute fee, to provide instantaneous solutions. Call 1-900-123-4567, the infomercials proclaim, and all your troubles will be solved! Celebrity sponsors are brought in to endorse these various services and millions of dollars are made by those who benefit from the anxiety, confusion and misfortune of others.



But does this mean that the realm of the psychic is an absurd and dishonest one? Not at all. As a matter of fact, it may be the only source that can provide answers and solutions to problems beyond the reach of logic and analysis. What is important and most often forgotten, is that we must use the same common sense in choosing an intuitive consultant as we would in selecting other professional services.

Most psychics are not irresponsible, money-hungry, manipulating, egotistic individuals who prey on the weak, anxious or confused. I would be totally wrong in making such a gross assumption, just as I would be completely wrong in stating that all chiropractors, physicians or therapists are predators. What I'm saying is that in any field - medicine, religion, business, law or politics, there are responsible, professional practitioners, as well as irresponsible frauds. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. "Doing our homework" and careful selection are always necessary in choosing a professional practitioner for any service we require.

The metaphysical field is not an area primarily reserved for saints or mystics but is a totally natural part of our birthright. As such, it's not cause for fear or embarrassment. Usually, our embarrassments are the result of our basic insecurities and fears. Just as we seek the help of a medical doctor when we are ill, or the assistance of a plumber when we need our water pipes fixed, we should seek the help of qualified intuitive consultants when we're in need of their service.



The question then arises as to how to find a truly qualified intuitive consultant. The answer is: The same way you would find a qualified doctor, carpenter or therapist. You check them out. First, ask around and get the personal recommendation of someone you trust. Many people have consulted psychics and return to the same one over and over, again. They will be willing to share names with you.



After getting the name and phone number of the intuitive consultant, call and inquire about fees. If you're told to make an appointment to come in and the fees would be arranged at that time, beware! Some consultants, like some unscrupulous auto salespeople, use your initial phone call as a means to get you to come in, in order to sell you a bill of goods you never bargained for. Many excellent but busy intuitive consultants may not even need to see you face to face to provide a good reading. Some consultants are as good or better with phone readings as they are with personal face to face consultations.

If the fee is exorbitantly high, be careful. If it's ridiculously low, be wary, because, most times, you get what you pay for. This is not to say that someone who charges an extremely high or low fee should be suspect. Intuitive consultants come in all types and their fees may just be a reflection of where they are in consciousness. My fees for example, are considered very low by some and extremely high by others, yet, there are clients who have had numerous consultations with me over the years and are amazed that I have not increased my fees in over a decade years.

The fee is more indicative than conclusive. One of the most valid readings I ever received was from someone who charged me five dollars for an hour. On the other hand, a fantastic reading once cost me $300 for a half hour but gave me enough insight and hope to handle some problems that eventually saved me many times the cost of the consultation.



If an intuitive consultant asks you what your problem is and then instructs you to bring or send cash and that he/she would take care of the problem, be forewarned. Some consultants claim to see and know everything and, for a steep price, will tell you exactly what you want to hear. There are those who say they'll increase your prosperity, bring back a lost love or get rid of an illness or curse. Be careful! No one can do these things for you. All they can do is examine your reality life-field and offer probabilities of what may occur. No intuitive consultant can honestly claim a hundred percent accuracy.

Check references. If the intuitive consultant has a brochure or promotional material, see if it includes personal testimonials. Are these testimonial names of real people or just initials that could have been made up for convenience sake? Many of my clients have given me permission to use their names as references. If a consultant is very good, most clients would permit their names to be used as testimonials for promotional purposes. Naturally, there are exceptions. Some of my clients are household names and I use discreet, professional judgment in deciding whether or not to mention their names, even when they've given me permission. Respect for a client's privacy is a must in this business.

Finally, don't let your excitement at finding an intuitive consultant overshadow your common sense. Ask yourself how you feel about this person and watch your feelings. If you're apprehensive that you'll get negative information which may scare you and adversely affect the way you think, perhaps you ought to find another one. If these feelings are strong enough, you can create the very thing you fear. A good consultant won't tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear to help you deal with your concern. However, this will be done professionally and with sensitivity.

Now that I've said all of the above, I want to assure you that there are many excellent intuitive consultants who could be of tremendous help. Use their services as you need them. Don't become dependent on them, however. A good consultant will try to help you solve your problems, but won't encourage overly-frequent consultations. Many of my clients consult with me three to four times a year. There are those who would like to call me every month or every week and sometimes every day, but I strongly discourage this practice.

For those of you who are enamored by the 900+ numbers and the proliferation of infomercials and commercials, I would suggest that you find yourself two or three good intuitive consultants and rotate them regularly. Spirituality is not an assembly line process. It develops from a sense of purpose and an awareness of who you are. There are many fine intuitive consultants who work on 900+ phone lines, but sometimes the commercialism and stress of the environment makes it difficult for them to always be in balance. This is no reflection on the consultant, but only a commentary on the circumstances.


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