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Practical, mystical, spiritual tips and guidelines for creating
wealth, happiness and peace.

Articles on these pages are inspirational and motivational by nature. However, they go far beyond just bringing inspiration and motivation to our lives. They provide us with practical tips to be used in everyday life and living.

A Matter of Courage
A John Harricharan Article


It was not much of a job, yet, everyday she was there.
The little bake-shop always seemed to be open and she
would greet me, whenever I went in, with a sad smile.
Then one day, I moved to another part of the country
and quickly forgot the bake-shop and the woman with the
sad smile.

Beginnings always lead to endings just as each ending
gives birth to a new beginning. Many years later, fate
would have it that a business trip would take me
through this same town of long ago. I stopped at the
same bake-shop to order some pastries and to see if the
sad woman was still there.

A new face greeted me with "Can I help you, sir?" I
placed my order and while waiting, curiosity got the
better of me. I mentioned that I used to come to this
shop years ago. I asked about the lady who used to work
there, the one with the sad smile.

"She was one brave little soul, sir," said the
salesperson. "She worked everyday to provide for her
young son. Her husband left her when Jimmy was just a
little boy. Hers was a really hard life, but she just
kept on going."

"So what happened to her? Where is she now?" I asked.

"Her son graduated from high school and then joined the
army and has a wonderful career. Last I heard, he's
doing very well. Not too long ago his mother remarried.
She's very happy now and doesn't have to work anywhere
as hard as she used to."

I paid for my order, thanked the salesperson and walked
out the door. Although I didn't really know Jimmy's
mom, I was so happy that things worked out for her.
What courage, what bravery, I thought. She kept going
no matter how tough things were. Indeed, she was a

Courage is not only found in the heat of war or the
mighty works of brave men and women. Courage is the
mother taking care of her sick child in the early
morning hours. Courage is the father who shows up on
time everyday at a boring, low-paying, dead-end job to
feed and clothe his family.

Courage comes in many forms, not only from thoughts and
deeds of greatness, but in the routine, everyday art of
living. In a media-driven society, consumed by
celebrity status and the "get ahead" syndrome, the
mundane and unglamorous works often appear to go
unnoticed and unappreciated.

When life gets you down, when it seems that your world
is at an end, take courage and go the next step. You
will be amazed at the power and strength you have

Just gather up enough courage to take you through this
day. You only have to live one day at a time. You do
not have to deal with all your troubles at one time.
Like the Scotsman said, "The troubles of tomorrow must
wait until this day is done."

Yes, courage comes from deep within the heart and
flushes away the paralysis created by fear. A song, a
story, a poem or a friend could re-ignite the spark of
courage and inspire us to take the next step to

Like Jimmy's mom, take the next step and keep taking
them. Success may be much closer than you think. Just
one more step. Look! Just beyond the horizon, can you
see it? The darkness is giving way to light. Yes,
morning has been all night coming, but see how surely
it comes. Courage! Keep moving toward the light.


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