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"John Harricharan inspires you, motivates you and teaches you. He's fantastic, absolutely fantastic. Listen to what he says."
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D., bestselling author and lecturer

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John Harricharan's Conversations With . . .
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Brad and Sherry Hansen Steiger are two of the most remarkable people I have met. Between them, they have authored almost two hundred books and have been published by the who's who of publishing. Brad is, perhaps, the foremost researcher today into unexplained phenomenon. His works run the gamut of UFO investigations, ghostly hauntings, Hollywood and the Supernatural to the Strange Power of Pets and Undying Love.

Conversations with Brad Steiger

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Elisabeth Kubler-Ross is known world-wide for her tremendous contributions to humanity. Not only did she write the ground-breaking, myth-shattering book, On Death and Dying, but she has precipitated major changes in the way the medical profession looks at those who are about to die. If there ever was a compassionate doctor, Elisabeth heads the list.

Conversations with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

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Muhammad Ali needs no introduction. He is known the world over as "The Champ." But there are those who may not know that Muhammad has a heart that's as wide and expansive as the skies. He is a strange and beautiful being. He has used his own resources to feed and help millions of little children and he continues his humanitarian work inspite of his current disablilities.

Adventures with Muhammad Ali

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Deepak Chopra has changed the way millions of people look at health and healing. Through his bestselling books, he has shown us that life is more than the body and that living could be a joyous, beautiful journey. Deepak continues his work with the same dedication and intensity as when he wrote his first bestseller, years ago. We have traveled many miles together and I have always been proud of his contributions to humanity.

Conversations with Deepak

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Foster Hibbard is, in my opinion, one of the foremost motivators of all time. From the first day I met him, which was many years ago, I knew that he was a being of such rare quality, that there were very few of them on Earth. Foster was an associate of the late Dr. Napoleon Hill (of "Think and Grow Rich") and was also the director of the Napoleon Hill Academy in California. He brought the teachings of Dr. Hill to millions of listeners and has influenced the lives of many people all over the world with his audio series, "The Art of Total Living," "The Millionaire's Seminar" and others. Most important, Foster was one of my best friends. I will always miss him.

Foster Hibbard, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and I traveled and lectured together often. The picture on the left shows us at a joint lecture in New York City.

Conversations with Foster